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Smash through hordes of enemies with

Strength and Strategy

Take command of a team of powerful heroes in action-packed battles against waves of enemies.


Life on the battlefield

Before any battle, you’ll study the battlefield and plan your strategy.

Teen | ESRB Life on the battlefield

And as the battle rages on and new objectives pop up, you’ll be able to react in real time, changing tactics on the fly by opening up the map.

Choose your heroes wisely

Fire Emblem fans will recognize the classic weapon triangle. Use it to strategically choose warriors and deploy them where they can seize the advantage on the battlefield.

Facing off against axe-wielding fiends? Choose heroes with swords. Sending in a pegasus knight? Watch out for bow-wielding enemies.

Lances are strong against swords.


Axes are strong against lances.


Swords are strong against axes.

Xander Lucina

Set ‘em up, knock ‘em down

Once the battle begins, you can instantly change from one character to another. As you fight, you’ll fill gauges that will allow you to use powerful special attacks.

Warrior Special

Each character has a different special attack that you can use to deal major damage.

Warrior Special

Awakening mode

This state temporarily gives your hero an advantage against every weapon type, and can access a different Warrior Special attack.

Awakening Mode

Pair Up

If you’ve paired up two heroes to work together, they can unleash devastating attacks! Pairing them up can also strengthen their bond and lead to support conversations.

Pair Up

unlock each

warrior’s potential

As your characters take out enemies and earn experience, they’ll level up to become more powerful. Make sure you’re getting the best out of each member of your army by upgrading between battles.
You’ll do most of your upgrades at Camp, using the weapons, gold, and items you earn in battle.

Ways to play

Choose classic or casual, set your difficulty, and play your way. In classic mode, heroes that are lost in battle won’t automatically return. In casual mode, fallen heroes return once the battle is over. You can also set your difficulty to easy, normal, or hard.

Game Modes

Story Mode

Experience a new Fire Emblem story in the kingdom of Aytolis. You’ll meet new playable characters as you unravel the mystery of the Shield of Flames and the Chaos Dragon. Once you’ve beaten a level, you can replay it any time in Free Mode.

Story Mode

History Mode

Revisit classic battles from previous Fire Emblem games and play them in a new way. You may even earn special rewards.

History Mode

Team up with local co-op

With the Nintendo Switch version of the game, you can share the fun with a friend* using a single Nintendo Switch console in TV mode or tabletop mode, with players using a single Joy- Con™ controller*. Each player can also use a Nintendo Switch™ Pro Controller or a separate pair of Joy-Con controllers (each sold separately).

Team up with local co-op *Limited game functionality available.