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Lead your army to victory

The turn-based strategy system may be easy to understand, but mastering every element takes skill. Guide your allies during epic battles and devise your plan of attack based on their classes, weapons, and support levels.

Dragon vein: a royal advantage

Royal characters can change the environment using these special spaces.

Rules of engagament:
Weapons Triangle

Keep the triangle in mind during battle to decide which units and attacks will be most effective.

New! Difficulty setting

As your game begins, you can set your game mode and your difficulty level. The new Phoenix mode returns fallen units to battle on their next turn. Casual mode returns units in the next battle.

Level up

Fight for glory
and experience points

Your allies will level up as you play. They'll be able to wield stronger weapons and even upgrade to a higher class with better stats.

You can also re-class your characters completely and experience a whole new combat style.

Support system

Get stronger together

Relationships play a huge part in both strategy and the game's story. The stronger the bonds are between characters, the better they'll fight together. You may even end up creating a love connection.

You can use Pair Up in battle to build relationships between characters. Once you reach a certain level, you'll unlock new conversations.

My castle

Build your home base

The new My Castle feature lets you create a home away from home for your army. Shop at weapon and armor shops, get new accessories, and practice your strategy by fending off invasions. You can also build relationships with other characters through conversations.


Get weapons here, including swords, staves, and bows.


Upgrade your weapons at this workshop.

Lottery shop

Try your luck at this shop once per day.


Send your fighters into battle for precious resources.

Add new buildings and features to
My Castle as you go.

Meet other players with StreetPass™

Players you tag with the StreetPass™ feature will show up in the My Castle Travelers' Plaza. Here you can choose to battle their StreetPass teams, exchange certain player data, and more.

You may also visit other players' My Castles, where you can gain access to items you normally wouldn't get.


Battle other players in multiplayer modes

Put your skills to the test against real-life opponents with multiplayer options.

Local wireless: Play with a friend who has their own system and game.

Online multiplayer: You can play online against either friends or randomly matched players.

Local wireless: Play with a friend who has their own system and game.

Online multiplayer: You can play online against either friends or randomly matched players.


Add heroes to your game
with amiibo

Tap in compatible amiibo figures to your New Nintendo 3DS XL system and they'll appear in My Castle. You'll receive special items the first two times you tap in an amiibo character, and get to challenge the character to battle on the third time. Defeat them and they may even join your army.


Figures shown not actual size. Compatibility and functionality of amiibo may vary per game. Visit for specific details on how each amiibo works.

Use amiibo with your nintendo 3ds system

The Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory lets you use amiibo with a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, or Nintendo 2DS system.