Fire Emblem Fates - Birthright

The Path Of Peace

Born into the royal family of Hoshido, you were kidnapped by Nohrians as a child. In Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, you choose to return to your birth family. Can you end the battle with Nohr and protect the peace-loving Hoshidans?

Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Boxart

About Birthright

This game offers a "classic" Fire Emblem experience. You'll gain ample gold and experience points as you play. If you're new to Fire Emblem, we suggest starting here.

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The Kingdom Of Hoshido

The kingdom was once at peace under the benevolent rule of Queen Mikoto. But now, war seems to be the only answer. You must fight for Hoshido as you get to know your birth family—if they can learn to trust and accept you, that is.

Hoshidan Classes

Here are a few of the types of soldiers you'll find in Hoshido.